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I had the chance to chat with Trey Daniels, Saxophone PHENOM playing for Anita Baker on her Farewell Tour, who's performing live in concert on Saturday 26 Apr 2019 in Montgomery, AL. Markmywordsproductions.com for ticket details and TreyDanielsMusic.com. Trey gets into the awesome story of how he got the tour gig with a legend! This was recorded on location at Morethantours.us in the Kress Center on Dexter Ave. I learned about matching Light pulses and shutter speed. *face palm. I didn't start out with those intentions. So there's where I get to use the podcast moniker. so. Just listen. *awkward laugh. Hey this is a process.

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I really got caught up creating so I had to update you all! Please enjoy my first Podcast - which, yes its a video...its a thing. Either way, please enjoy!

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